Shai Kidishman
Shai is an instruction developer and instruction manager who spent most of her career in the field of informal education. Before coming on board of the Kaplan Leadership Team, Shai worked at Appleseeds Academy, a non-profit organization which encourages digital literacy within Israeli society. She has led Mytecc, an international program for youth in the Middle East promotes tolerance through digital literacy and held seminars around the world. Shai was also the operations and content manager of Net@ Program, which instills technological excellence and leadership skills in 1,800 underserved youth across Israel. In her last position at Appleseeds Academy as Director of employment programs. Shai facilitated training workshops for unemployed individuals in order to help them return to the work force with the necessary technological knowledge and skills. Shai has a B.A. in management and Middle Eastern studies from Ben Gurion University of the Negev.